Kickass Full Movie Doctor Sleep

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A doctor has been acquitted in a landmark trial prosecutors and the medical profession hope will clarify how the Netherlands’ euthanasia law can be applied to people with severe dementia.
he doctor, who was not named, was cleared of any wrongdoing in carrying out euthanasia three years ago on a 74-year-old woman. The patient was given fatal doses of drugs despite indications she may have changed her mind since declaring in writing she wanted euthanasia.
The court ruled that in rare cases of euthanasia being performed on patients with severe dementia – and who had earlier made a written request – the doctor “did not have to verify the current desire to die”.
Judges ruled the doctor met all criteria for carrying out euthanasia under the 2002 law legalising mercy killing by physicians. Applause broke out among the dozens of people who attended the hearing.
The doctor was accused of not acting with due care because, prosecutors alleged, she made insufficient efforts to find out whether the patient still wanted to die.
To carry out the euthanasia, the physician drugged the patient’s coffee without her knowledge and then had family members restrain the woman while delivering the fatal injection.
Irish Independent.

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I really like the idea of them casting real actors in these roles as opposed to digitally de-aging their original actors or doing a CG mock-up. Its almost as if Dans age and trauma has warped his memory of his younger self, his parents, and Dick, and yet the true enemy, The Overlook, looks exactly the same. Its like the hotel is the most pervasive element of his life, beyond his parents and Dick.
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Jai Shri Ram Ji.
Danny lil boy in the Shining big role didnt do any other acting after this like linda blair strange.
I guess the smoking took its toll on Shelley. She’s aged horribly.

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So sad, its why we have to respect older people, they were young once.
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1:35 it’s over rose, I have the high ground.
That was always one of my favorite dreams, a warm summer night, silently floating through the air. Weird but fascinating.


Looks like Rose the Hat got a really bad reception at the hotel, because she went smoked

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Weird throwback to Society in there as well, if anyone remembers the Shunting.
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The ending of this movie made me cry XD.
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The home address to Abra’s place 1980, the year The Shining came out.
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